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Adult League Information





Asheville Hockey Seasons:
Fall – First week of September to third week of November
Spring – First week of February to last week of March
*Seasons may run later or change due to weather.
*Registration is two weeks before the season and evaluations is one week before.

Adult Divisions:
Asheville ‘A level’ Thurs/Sun nights – 
Blue Ridge ‘B level’ Wed/Thurs/Sun nights – 
Carolina ‘C level’ Tues/Sun nights – 
*Primary nights are Tues/Wed/Thurs with Sunday being used for half the season
and any makeup games.

Steps needed to register for Asheville Hockey are as follows:
      1. Obtain an AAU number (You must apply for a new one every Fall)
      2. Make a Sport Engine Account
      3. Register with Asheville Hockey.

Asheville Hockey Adult league Game Rules (amended 1/28/18)
     1. One timeout per period ( board approved)
     2. Regular season games that end in a tie will play a 10-minute overtime. If still tied, the game will be recorded as such. No intermission before overtime starts.
    3. Playoff games will play one 20 minute overtime period, followed by a shootout of 3 skaters per round.
    4. All players must have 8 wheels on their skates to play. (Board approved)
    5. Adult player minimum age is 16 as of the first game of the season. (Board approved)
    6. Any Major penalties assessed during the last game of the season will be
served during your next game regardless of when that game is. (Board approved)
         a. For example, if you are given a game misconduct during the last game
of the Fall season, you will be suspended for your next game(s) in the
Spring season. If you skip seasons, the suspension still applies for
your first game back.

Other important information:
     1. Teams consist of 8-10 skaters and one goalie
     2. Game days are subject to change depending on the number of registrants
     3. You may be moved up or down a division depending on your skill level
determined at evaluations even after you register
     4. There will be a team draft day at one of the Asheville Hockey sponsors. This
will be sent out via email before the start of each season.

Now that you have the general information and rules, lets get you registered!
    1. Obtain an AAU number - $25 
             a. AAU membership registration occurs on August 15 th (Fall season) and anytime for Spring season.  ALL AAU numbers expire on August 31st. of every year. So the number you used for the Spring Season will not work for the Fall season.
             b. Visit  (click- get a membership)  AAU contact 407-934-7200
             c. Use the Asheville hockey club code: W
3YYB6            d. Purchase membership for either a full year or 2 years
             e. A background check is conducted and may take AAU as much as two
weeks, so apply early
             f. All AAU memberships regardless of when it was purchased expire
August 31st. 
            g. You will receive an email with your AAU  membership ID which is
needed for Sport Engine and Asheville Hockey registration ( 1st. email is just a notification that they have your application. 2nd. email will contain your AAU ID number.(Not transaction #) See example below.

> Membership ID:   37xxx9A<
  Joe Hockey player
  Asheville NC, 28716
  United States

  HI - Inline Hockey (Adult)


  District: NC   Club Code: 
  Adult Athlete

 Expiration Date: 08/31/2017  

  Application Date: 9/3/2016 11:37:00 AM  





i. You can also find your AAU membership number at

2. Create a Sport Engine Account on the leagues website
          b. After you register with Asheville Hockey, and you have your AAU number, verify your AAU number is
in your Sport Engine registration for the season

3. Register with Asheville Hockey -
          a. Click the big red registration button at the bottom
          b. Input all your relevant information in
          c. Make sure you input your AAU membership number
                      i. You must have this number in your Sport Engine account
before the first game of the season or you will not be able to

          d. All skating players are $150/season ( This includes a $10 city user fee)
          e. Goalies are $10.00 /season (This covers city user fee)
          f. Place your order for the season
         g. An Asheville Hockey email will be sent out for when evaluations and
the official start date of the season begins
          h. All regular season and playoff games will be on the calendar found









1) Get a Sportsengine account. Be logged in.

2) Click the drop down arrow beside your user name. (top left on home page)

3) Click "account settings" then "registrations"

4)  Click the current season you have signed up for.

5) Click the EDIT pencil to the right of your name.

7) Enter your valid AAU I.D. number in the "AAU number" box, then scroll down and click  the green "save registration entry" button. Now your are eligible to play.