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Q & A Section

Q - What nights do each division play on?

A - A division = Mondays & Sundays / C Division = Tuesdays & Sundays / B Division = Wednesday & Sundays and makeup games can be played on Sundays.

Q - What times are games for each division?

A - A division games are usually 730/830pm / C Division games are usually 8pm/9pm / B Division games are usually 730/830pm game times.
Sundays - Between 2 - 6pm

Q - Do I need an updated AAU #?

A - Yes. You can apply for an AAU# at (you can buy multiple year packages)

Q - How do teams get picked?

A - Every season is there is a Draft to pick teams. 

Q - Why do we hold Evaluation nights?

A - To make sure everyone is playing in the correct division and there is an even level of competitiveness. 

Q - How old must you be to sign up for the Adult division?

A - You must be at least 16 to play in the adult division unless an exception is made by the board.

A Division:

~ Fast Skaters

~ Experienced Skill Level

~ Knowledge of 4 on 4 hockey

~ Able/Want to learn 4 on 4 positioning

~ Consist of tournament players

~ High Play making abilities

B Division:

~ Medium to fast paced games

~ Little/Some Knowledge of 4 on 4 positioning

~ Wide range of experience/age

~ Opportunistic Play making

C Division:

~ Slow to Medium paced games

~ Very little knowledge of 4 on 4 hockey

~ Many beginners to the sport

~ Wide range of age (many older players)

~ Enjoy the sport of hockey

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ALL STAR Game Coming Spring/Summer 2020!

All Star Game - Skills Competition:

4 Team - Round Robin Format = 3 Games each

1 game elimination format for All Star Game playoffs

Skills Competition:

Everyone on your team will participate

2 players will participate in each of the following categories:

Shootout / Stick Handling / Speed Skating / Accuracy

Rules for Voting:

1. You must be a member of the A/B/C division for Asheville Adult Hockey to vote

2. Vote for the correct number of players in your division

3. You must vote for (1) player from each team in the A and C division and at least (2) players from the B division

4. You can only vote once


How Teams Will Be Made:

After the voting has been completed, player votes will be counted and based on where you rank, 1-8 or 1-16, you will be put into a formula to determine what team you will be playing for.

Teams will consist of the following players:

2 A players / 4 B players / 2 C players

Reserve Players:

After the top 8 or 16 players are chosen, there will be a reserve list for each division. These players will be chosen to take the place of an injured/absent player that was originally chosen.

Teams for the All Star game:

North AVL - South AVL - West AVL - East AVL