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Asheville Hockey League Adult Divisions

Carolina League

Buncombe League

Asheville League


The three adult leagues allow players of all skill levels to play competitive hockey, get some puck time while skating, and have some fun. Some differences:


C-League – lowest skill level, more for fun and fitness, tend to be older

B-League – intermediate skill level, winning is important, but not more important than playing hockey

A-League – top skill level, winning is the most important thing, a 17 year old will likely skates circles around you



The three adult leagues as described by Jay Curwin:

C - New to the sport or played some youth hockey many decades ago. Some decent skaters but everyone has a solid chance of plowing uncontrollably into the boards at almost any time.

B - Younger, faster, more predictable. Most players have a very solid understanding of position. Playmaking is pretty opportunistic though. When they plow uncontrollably into the boards, there is a good chance a goal was just scored.

A - Younger and faster still. Mostly post collegiate or very experienced. Very little loss of control. Organized playmaking with tape-to-tape passing.


The three adult leagues based on handsomeness:

C - Handsome
B - Formerly Handsome
A - Never Handsome

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2019 Fall Adult All Star Game and Skills Competition 

Click on All Star Voting tab

All Star Game - Skills Competition:

4 Team - Round Robin Format = 3 Games each

1 game elimination format for All Star Game playoffs

Skills Competition:

Everyone on your team will participate

2 players will participate in each of the following categories:

Shootout / Stick Handling / Speed Skating / Accuracy

Rules for Voting:

1. You must be a member of the A/B/C division for Asheville Adult Hockey to vote

2. Vote for the correct number of players in your division

3. You must vote for (1) player from each team in the A and C division and at least (2) players from the B division

4. You can only vote once


How Teams Will Be Made:

After the voting has been completed, player votes will be counted and based on where you rank, 1-8 or 1-16, you will be put into a formula to determine what team you will be playing for.

Teams will consist of the following players:

2 A players / 4 B players / 2 C players

Reserve Players:

After the top 8 or 16 players are chosen, there will be a reserve list for each division. These players will be chosen to take the place of an injured/absent player that was originally chosen.

Teams for the All Star game:

North AVL - South AVL - West AVL - East AVL